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Tapes & Adhesives

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  • Double Sided Tape


    What’s special about this tape?

    • 1 mil Permanent/ Removable Double Coated Polyester Film
    • Liner side is a controlled tack system for easy removal with no residue
    • Exposed side is aggressive high task, high peel, high shear
    • High temperature resistance
    • Excellent in moderately low and normal temperatures
    • Both are resistant to UV, moisture, solvents, mild acids, oil and grease
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  • Electrical Tape


    What makes the electrical tape so special?

    • 7 mil thickness is perfect for electrical insulation and splicing
    • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material is resistant to fire and weather
    • Pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive
    • Safe for use with up to 600V
    • Tolerates temperatures up to 176° F (80° C)
    • UL listed for safety
    • Perfect for color-coding wires: choose from Black, Red, Green, Yellow, White, and Blue
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  • Permacel P-665 Gaffer’s Tape


    What’s special about this permacel gaffer’s tape?

    • Matte Finish: 12 mil vinyl-coated cloth tape does not promote light reflection
    • Synthetic rubber adhesive holds fast but won’t leave residue behind
    • Perfect for splicing cables- seals out dirt and dust
    • Conforms easily to irregular shapes
    • Tears by hand – eliminates need for scissors or utility knives
    • Ideal for use in the entertainment industry
    • RoHS compliant
    • Meets government specs A-A-1568A and PPP-T-60E
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  • Pro 15 Anti-Skid Tape


    What’s special about this floor tape?
    Engineered with a heavy acrylic adhesive that strengthens with time and heat for superior bond
    Pro 15 complies with OSHA guidelines requiring non-slip protection on hazardous surfaces in the work area
    An aggressive adhesive helps this 35 mil thick tape adapt to irregular surfaces for the ultimate in slip protection
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    Pro 15 is a slip resistant tape with an abrasive grain coated plastic film. The one-sided pressure sensitive adhesive is protected by a removable liner. Just remove the liner, then apply to a clean surface, apply pressure to the adhesive and done.

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  • PRO 500 Double Sided Tape


    What’s special about this adhesive tape?
    PRO500 series is double coated with a highly aggressive adhesive for carpet hold-down, especially designed for the convention industry
    Tape has a high grade silicone coated polyethylene liner that makes it easy to unwind and release
    Adhesive cotton cloth tape comes in natural color and is designed for residue-free removal
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    This tape features an industrial design for use indoors or outdoors at high temperatures up to 200° F.

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  • Pro Splice Vinyl Tape


    Vinyl Tape for Everything from Identification to Floor Splicing

    What’s special about this adhesive?

    • Allows you to create smooth, near-seamless splices on flooring
    • Constructed of flexible vinyl material to conform to just about any surface
    • Highly abrasion resistant to withstand constant foot traffic
    • Meets federal specification PPP-T-66D, Type 1 for identification
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