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Wire Duct

What is Wire Duct, and what separates it from raceway and other cable management solutions? Typically, it refers to a wire trough that easily allows for organizationpulling and separation of cables. Often it features a sliding cover and “fingers” on the side that create slots for cables to be added, removed or rerouted along the length of the run. The openings on slotted wire ducts feature rounded edges to protect wires and hands from cuts and abrasions. Solid wire duct units are available to protect sensitive cables and electrical wiring from debris, dust and other outside contaminants. Installation is accomplished via drilling or adhesive mounting.

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  • Closed Slot Wiring Duct


    What’s special about this wire duct?
    0.79″ slot pitch
    0.31″ slot width
    Material: self extinguishing PVC
    Service Temperature: +5º F to +140º F (-15º C to +60º C)
    Flammability: UL94 V-O rated material
    Covers included

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  • Economical Open Slot Wiring Duct


    What’s special about this Wiring Duct?
    Made of heat-resistant PVC (up to 85°C)
    2 meter (6.6 ft) length fits most computer cabinets
    Easily cut to length with a wire duct cutter
    Covers included
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    This wire duct is an economical cable management solution for your computer and newtor wires and cables. The sliding cover offers convenient access to the cables within, and the “fingers” allow for breakouts at any length along the run. Several different widths are available to accomodate different sized cable bundles. Each 2 meter (6.6 ft) section has pre-drilled mounting holes at 4″ to 5″ intervals for easy installation. Available in small cases of 6, partial cases of 12 or full cases of 25.

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  • Economical Solid Wall Wire Duct


    What’s special about this wiring duct?
    The solid wall wire duct protects your delicate cables from debris and dust while disguising and organizing them
    Made of heat-resistant PVC (up to 85° C) to avoid any damage from heat-emitting equipment
    Comes in 2 meter lengths (6.6ft) which works well for rack enclosures, but can be cut to any desired length easily with wire duct cutters
    Wiring duct comes with covers to eliminate problems with ordering the wrong size or type of cover
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    Solid wall wire duct is a great solution when managing your cables. It can be used with rack equipment, or even as a large raceway. Unlike other solid wall wiring duct these do not come with pre-drilled holes. This allows you to mount to any surface, and enables you to choose where the screws should go. Economical cable duct can also be mounted with double sided tape. This is an economical version of the product, we offer a higher quality Wire Duct at a different price.

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  • Economical Wire Duct Accessories


    What’s special about these turns, corners, and connectors?
    Used in conjuction with Open Slot Wire Duct or Solid Wall Wire Duct to complete a neat and clean installation.
    Accessories can be used with both open slot and solid wall wire duct to accommodate whichever material your application calls for
    Available in black, white or gray; however, the PVC material can be painted with latex paint to match your exact wall color
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    Using these wire duct accessories with either open slot or solid wall wire duct creates a simple and easy to install network solution. Designed to be used with standard wire duct, these accessories allow you to make turns without ever exposing your wiring.

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