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Home Theater Setup & Installation

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  • Need a TV Wall Mounted ? Flat to Wall ? Ceiling brackets? TV carts? Projector brackets ?Tilting or Full Motion brackets ? At Alcatraz Dish Network Home Installations Kenya Mounting Services We got you.
    We?ll put up your TV, while keeping you safe.
    When it?s time to enter your home, our agents will be prepared to keep you safe. They?ll be following all CDC and government recommendations on protective gear such as face masks and gloves, social distancing, and sanitization.
    TV brackets come in endless shapes and sizes! Please find our simple Small, Medium, Large or Monster screen price list.
    Have our installers quickly and professionally mount and secure your TV to a wall. In addition, we will connect new or existing TV up to corresponding video components and existing AC power outlet, ensure that all wires and cables are neatly dressed, and make sure the work space is clean when we finish.
    The prices given below includes the bracket and an hour labor charge.
    ??+254724572514 or ?+254720548999
    We also do DStv ,Zuku Satellite TV,Azam TV,FTA,beIN Sports and Aerials sales and installation in Nairobi

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  • We offer the best CCTV installation services in Kenya. Our team is comprised of highly technical engineers who will analyze your security needs and offer the best CCTV solution in your home or business premise. We have years of experience in CCTV installation in Kenya. Let us secure you. CCTV installation is a very sensitive undertaking, dealing with the wrong CCTV company can put your property in more danger than it was in before you contacted the said CCTV company. When choosing a CCTV installation company in Kenya ensure that you choose one with a good reputation. Here at Adishnetservices Limited, we not only have CCTV technical experts, we also have trained security intelligence experts who can analyze your current security situation and give you a proper report on the vulnerabilities. After reviewing the different vulnerabilities in your security, we will offer you actionable solutions, both CCTV related and otherwise.

    There are different kinds of Cameras that can be installed depending on the desired use and the location. CCTV cameras are generally divided into two major groups,

    1. Spy cameras
    2. General Cameras

    Spy Cameras

    Fix Kenya CCTV Camera installation in Kenya

    As the name suggests these are cameras that are installed to SPY on unsuspecting individuals. These cameras are designed to blend in with the environment and they capture a great deal of information. Most of the request that Adishnetservices Kenya has received for this kind of cameras have been in situations where there is mistrust between spouses. We are fully aware though that spy cameras may be utilized for various reasons. Adishnetservices Kenya shall analyze the situation, conduct a site survey then we will advise you on what the best camera for the job is.

    General Cameras

    There are two categories of general cameras: the Dome Cameras and the Bullet cameras. The dome cameras are mostly used for indoor surveillance and the bullet cameras are mostly used for outdoor surveillance.

    How to choose a Camera

    Fix Kenya CCTV Spy Cameras in Kenya

    There are different sizes of CCTV cameras. The field of view of each camera is determined by the size of its lens. Cameras with smaller lenses have a very good field of view which enables them to see objects as close as 10 cm away from the camera and as far as 10 meters from the camera at an incremental angle starting from about 120 degrees. The bigger lenses would typically start viewing objects that are placed about 10metres away from the camera and can view as far as 100 meters from the camera at an incremental angle starting from about 45 degrees.

    So when choosing a camera, please consider the location you want to mount the camera, the distance between the camera and the object to be viewed, the field of view you want to have and the lighting conditions of the area.

    Adishnetservices Kenya will hold your hand through this entire process. We will advise you on the Cameras to pick and where best to mount the cameras. Our team of expert CCTV professionals will work with you and help you to achieve your desired outcome.

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  • Sit back and let a professional installer set up your online streaming device so you can watch broadcast television anywhere.


    Before we begin

    When we arrive at the site, we’ll discuss the scope of work to ensure that services purchased meet your needs and expectations. If they don’t, we’ll recommend solutions.

    Getting started

    We’ll unbox and connect 1 online streaming device (like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and more).

    Connecting to your network

    We’ll ensure that the online streaming device is in a prime spot for internet signal and connect it to your existing network.

    Configuring the device

    We’ll perform software and firmware updates for the online streaming device, as needed. We’ll also configure up to 2 online streaming services at your request (like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and more).

    Final steps

    We can download and configure 1 OS or Android app for content sharing or mirroring. We’ll also demonstrate how to use the new system and components, and let you know how to contact us for future support.

    Service does not include basic audio configuration, network setup or configuration, and it does not include installation, setup or configuration of a TV.

    Additional charges may be required for land travel beyond installation coverage areas. Service returns cannot be accepted after installation services are completed.

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  • Are you looking for reliable DStv Installation in Kenya?
    Well, look no further because Alcatraz Dish Network Services DStv Installation Kenya is an accredited Installation Company delivering the best DStv services to all Kenyan residents at very reasonable rates. We provide all from repairs to maintenance. Our accredited installers are always fully equipped to tackle any problem, anytime, anywhere as well as recommend the best solution for you. We are Kenya?s preferred DStv Installation company for quality and dependability.
    DStv Installation Nairobi Kenya has the lowest comeback rate in the industry because we don?t take Short-Cuts! In addition, we employ only the best DStv installers to do installations in Nairobi Kenya. Whether it is a new DStv dish installation, a simple repair, or dish alignment to your current installation. We keep stock of all DStv installation accessories and machines so that our technicians are always fully equipped for your job.
    DStv Installation Nairobi Kenya Services.
    Satellite Dish Installation in Nairobi Kenya.
    DStv Repair Services in Nairobi Kenya
    Satellite Dish Re-Alignment in Nairobi Kenya.
    DStv Dish Re-Location Services in Nairobi Kenya.
    TV Mounting Services in Nairobi Kenya.
    DStv Extra-View Installation in Nairobi Kenya.
    Free to air HD Installations in Nairobi Kenya.
    DStv Communal Services in Nairobi Kenya.
    Sound Bar & Surround Sound Services in Nairobi Kenya.
    TV Point or Extra point Installations in Nairobi Kenya.
    Our Professional Technicians can also assist you with extra services like connecting your:
    (PlayStation. Apple TV Box. Android TV Box. Xbox. Blu-ray Player. DVD Player. Smart TV Configuration. HDMI extensions. etc.)
    Above are all very important aspects of a DStv Installation and home entertainment solutions. It always depends on your package and requirements. Thus If you choose DStv Installation Nairobi Kenya we have trained installers who are able to install all the services listed above without any problems. Because they have all the expertise required to rectify the issue for you and our prices are relatively low.
    DM/Text/Call For A Free Quote?
    Home Theater | TV Mounting | Handyman | Cameras | Assembly

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  • Get your #FACup & #LaLiga fix on Your World Of Champions on DStv! Which match has got you excited? ????
    *Note EAT is +1 hour ?
    #MyDStv app or Dial *423#1# to log in to your account and Step Up
    The current prices are as follows;
    ?The Explora full-kit is going for KES 10,320. It comes with the decoder, Smart LNB, dish kit and installation.
    ?HD decoder is going for KES 5199.
    For this price, you get the decoder, the full dish-kit, installation and one free month on the Access package.
    ?? lone decoder goes for KES 3999 with one free month on the Access package??
    ?+254724572514 +254720548999
    (Networking & Structured Cabling for Apartments/Offices)
    #DStvStepUp #WorldsBestFootball #BestFootballOnDStv

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  • Live a truly smart life.

    You love all of your smart devices, but they are all demanding attention from your Wi-Fi. That’s going to slow things way down, unless you have a great wireless network. That’s where Home Wi-Fi Setup comes in.

    You can schedule your service during the cart checkout process.

    If you are also ordering a router, please add Home Wi-Fi Setup during the checkout process to ensure that it will be delivered and installed by your professional installer.

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  • Are you looking for the best TV repair services in your area? You can rely on our well trained TV technician at adishnetservices.com. You could also be wondering “do you have TV repair services  near me or in my area?. Yes we do as we will connect you to near by well trained TV technician or send you one from Nairobi. You can Schedule service online today, or give us a call at 0720548999.

    TV is one among the foremost important home appliances now days. It’s not only source of stories but also for entertainment. We understand that it are often very disappointing when your TV broke up. But you don’t need to hand over so fast on your broken TV.As we are here to assist you. Give us call today or contact via email with the model number found on the box you purchased the TV or on the rear of your TV. If you’re you trying to find TV repairs services near me In Nairobi, Kenya. We are here as we provide service in your area.

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  • Home Projector Installation on Adishnetservices.com

    Find top-notch home projector installation pros on Adishnetservices.com Home Services and you’ll see professional home projector installation projects at competitive prices. Getting a projector for your household can be an exciting experience. After all, a projector can be the be-all and end-all solution to an ultimate home theater. However, a home projector installation can be frustrating experience with mounting the projector to the ceiling properly. Fear not, our pros are here to help with your home projector installation! First of all, our pros have the right tools and experience to make your home projector installation as swift and smooth as possible.

    During a home projector installation, the pro will work with you to determine the best location for your home projector installation, mount your projector to the ceiling, ensure proper ventilation, and test picture focus and alignment. If you are interested in learning more about home projector installation, you can accompany your pro during the projector installation process. Otherwise, feel free to sit back and relax while the pro takes care of your home projector installation project. Once your home projector installation is complete, you will be able to enjoy the newest addition on your quest to the ultimate home theater.

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  • Satellite TV-Media Players-TV Wall Mounting|Nairobi Kenya(0720548999)
    We are The fastest growing satellite TV installation and aerial services company in Nairobi
    … … ✅Single view DStv Installation @5,199 plus 1month compact
    ✅HD Decoder only @3750
    ✅DStv Explora full installed @10,500
    ✅GOtv @2,000+1month free
    ✅Zuku satellite TV @5,000+1month free
    ✅Azam TV @6500+1month free
    ✅Free to air aerial decoders(bamba TV,nicco etc)from 3300
    ✅Free to air gospel satellite TV@10,000
    ✅beIN SPORTS TV decoder@1000$+ Inclusive 1 year Subscription
    ✅TV Rolling Carts from 20,000
    ✅Mi Android TV Box@10,000
    ✅Amazon 4k Fire-stick @11,000
    … …✅ Additional TV Points @2,500
    ✅Dish Relocation @2,500
    ✅Dish Re-installation @2,000
    ✅TV wall mounting brackets and services from 3,500
    ✅DStv Single view Upgrade to Extra-view @8000
    ✅Extra-view Full Installation @10,000
    ✅CCTV from @10,000
    All satellite dishes at a reasonable price.
    We pride ourselves on responding to our customers changing needs, with a single point of contact to drive a project forward like;
    (Networking & Structured Cabling for Apartments/Offices)
    ☎+254724572514 +254720548999
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  • Sound Bar Installation on Adishnetservices.com

    There are several good reasons for hiring a pro to do your sound bar installation. First, a finished sound bar looks best if it’s level, and attaching a sound bar to a wall so that it’s level can be a challenge. Secondly, tying in your sound bar to your TV or home theater system can be tricky. It’s a great idea to have a pro doing the sound bar installation so you’re assured of a properly functioning sound bar at the end. A professional sound bar installation can help make certain you end up with a level, attractive sound bar, as well as one that works correctly. Pros are also great at doing the sound bar installation work quickly and cleanly.

    Right on Adishnetservices.com, you can hire a top-notch pro to do your sound bar installation. Just as you can purchase a sound bar on Adishnetservices.com, you can also just add the sound bar installation service to your cart and pay the same way for the sound bar installation service that you always have for products on Adishnetservices.com. Nothing happens without your approval, and the pro isn’t paid until the sound bar installation is complete.

    You’ll never regret adding a sound bar installation to your project list. It’s amazing how just updating the small detail of adding great sound with a sound bar installation project to your home theater can take your viewing experience from good to fantastic. You can easily find right on Adishnetservices.com a wide variety of sound bars to purchase to give your room the right look, and make your home theater even better. A sound bar installation project can spruce up the look of your home theater, with sleek lines and a floating-shelf-style appearance. Just make sure your new sound bar matches your space and needs, and find a top-notch pro on Adishnetservices.com Home Services to do the sound bar installation properly.

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  • Do you require a local TV aerial engineer or Satellite dish fitter in Nairobi?
    Repairs start from as little as 2500+ Parts + Vat. All repairs carry a full 12 months guarantee.
    Our engineer installer will asses your aerial problem or fault and give you a FIXED PRICE QUOTE before any work is carried out. What we quote is what you pay.
    Our engineers carry a full range of aerial equipment so we can do a same day repair, requiring one visit, saving you, the customer, time & money.
    If your picture is pixilating or breaking up, turning into little squares you probably require your tv aerial looking at by an expert aerial engineer.
    We offer a comprehensive repair service to all makes of TV aerials, digital aerials, aerial cable, coax, dstv dish, freesat satellite dish, digibox, set top box and all aspects of TV and satellite equipment. So if you have a TV aerial problem or satellite dish fault call us for immediate service.
    We pride ourselves on responding to our customers changing needs, with a single point of contact to drive a project forward like;
    (Networking & Structured Cabling for Apartments/Offices)
    ?+254724572514 +254720548999

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  • Our same day TV mounting Nairobi professionals will give you the following services:

    ✔ – Install a TV bracket and wall mount your TV perfectly without any hassle.
    ✔ – Measure the thickness of your wall, ideal TV mounting height for you, and TV weight.
    ✔ – Analyze in-depth the wall in case there is a hidden cable, fire block, or pipes inside.
    ✔ – Asses the structure of your walls for a better installation.
    ✔ – Hide external cables for a better look (upon request).
    ✔ – Connect all AV cables and provide wire management.
    ✔ – Cleans up the working area to how it was before we arrived.
    Meet our partners.
    We work with top name brands in the industry. Cooperating with the premium-quality hardware suppliers in the market, we will provide you with the highest-quality TV Mounting service so far.
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  • TV Wall Mounting from Adishnetservices.com

    Safeguard TV investment by selecting TV Wall Mounting service from Amazon.com. TV Mounting can be a messy, time-consuming, and complicated job. A TV Mounting professional will ensure your TV is mounted properly, and by leaving the TV Mounting to the professional you can avoid hours of struggling with the installation and focus more on relaxing and enjoying your purchase. TV Mounting professionals have the right tools and equipment to complete the job correctly and quickly the first time. No matter the size of your TV, the TV Wall Mounting pros have you covered. The TV mounting pros can supply the appropriate TV mounting bracket for you specific needs, simply identify that you will not provide your own TV mounting bracket. The TV Mounting pros from Adishnetservices can even conceal cables within wall, or simply install them within a cord cover if desired. Our TV Wall Mounting pro have the right tools, expertise, and will complete the job to your satisfaction.

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