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DStv Business

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  • Streaming Apps (NEW)
    Built-in WiFi (NEW)
    The Explora Ultra supports HD, 4K, HDR and Dolby Atmos
    Record up to 110 hours, watch Catch Up, rent BoxOffice movies
    *Installation includes: 25km travel, 80cm dish, DStv Smart LNB, up to 25m cabling, connection of your DStv Explora Ultra to 1 TV and activation of your DStv services.

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  • Welcome to DStv Explora! Let us show you how the DStv Explora 2 will solve your family’s every TV need. Talk about more Content and more recording space – up to 110 hours of personal content. Catch up includes movies and series stacking with up to two episodes available at any time. You also have better content discovery with the advanced search across 8-day TV guide, DStv Catch Up and Boxoffice. Order for DStv Explora 2 (Complete kit) Decoder (Pace)-Black +Dish(smart lnb) online at Jumia Kenya and have it delivered right at your doorstep with  Installation’.

    Technical Specifications

    Audio & Video Connections

    • HDMI output
    • RCA audio/video ports
    • RF in & out (used for XtraView or TV Link)
    • Digital audio output
    • Ethernet port – disabled at launch
    • USB ports

    Great PVR functions

    • View 1, Record 1
    • Pause Live TV for up to 2 hours – retain buffer on channel and when launching applications
    • Applications refreshed and modernized – News24, SuperSport, Weather
    • Parental Control
    • HD Capable ( 720P,1080i)
    • Dolby Digital 5.1 Capable
    • Xtraviewcapable ( compatible with all other Xtraview decoders )
    • Widescreen capable
    • Hearing impaired Subtitles capable ( when available )
    • HD User Interface
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  • Sit back and let a professional installer set up your online streaming device so you can watch broadcast television anywhere.


    Before we begin

    When we arrive at the site, we’ll discuss the scope of work to ensure that services purchased meet your needs and expectations. If they don’t, we’ll recommend solutions.

    Getting started

    We’ll unbox and connect 1 online streaming device (like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and more).

    Connecting to your network

    We’ll ensure that the online streaming device is in a prime spot for internet signal and connect it to your existing network.

    Configuring the device

    We’ll perform software and firmware updates for the online streaming device, as needed. We’ll also configure up to 2 online streaming services at your request (like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and more).

    Final steps

    We can download and configure 1 OS or Android app for content sharing or mirroring. We’ll also demonstrate how to use the new system and components, and let you know how to contact us for future support.

    Service does not include basic audio configuration, network setup or configuration, and it does not include installation, setup or configuration of a TV.

    Additional charges may be required for land travel beyond installation coverage areas. Service returns cannot be accepted after installation services are completed.

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  • A professional, ISF (Imaging Science Foundation)-certified Agent will use precision equipment to calibrate your TV, tweaking sharpness, black levels, white levels, brightness, color temperature and more to provide the best possible picture in your home.* The Agent will also create custom presets to complement different room ambiences. This service takes about 2 hours to complete.


    Before we begin

    When we arrive at your home, we’ll discuss the scope of work to ensure that services purchased meet your needs and expectations. If they don’t, we’ll recommend solutions.

    Maximizing the picture quality of your TV

    We’ll perform a pre-calibration reading of your current settings, then calibrate your TV to ISF standards for the best picture quality your TV is capable of displaying.

    Matching picture quality to external devices

    We’ll create dedicated settings for up to 2 inputs to account for the nuances of external devices. A “Day Mode” and a “Night Mode” will also be created for day and night use.

    Documenting your settings

    We’ll take a second reading of your settings so we can provide an assessment of your TV’s calibrated settings and precalibrated settings. This assessment will be e-mailed to you.

    *This service does not include setup of audio or video components, physical adjustments to your devices, or remote control programming. Additional charges may be required for land travel beyond installation coverage areas.

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  • GOtv is a pay TV service offered in Africa by Multichoice Africa. Unlike the other pay TV service from Multichoice Africa (DStv), which is satellite based, GOtv is terrestrial digital TV service. So, no need for dish and ceremonial installation, leading to reduced access cost. GOtv is currently available in select cities in Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Kenya.

    Digital TV with no dish required

    GOtv utilizes the latest Digital Terrestrial Broadcast Technology, DVB-T2. But is digital with better quality audio and video. Perhaps the closest service to GOtv is Startimes, a digital pay TV service based on DVB-T.


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  • ​Are you looking for reliable DStv Installation in Kenya?

    Well, look no further because Alcatraz Dish Network Services DStv Installation Kenya is an accredited Installation Company delivering the best DStv services to all Kenyan residents at very reasonable rates. We provide all from repairs to maintenance. Our accredited installers are always fully equipped to tackle any problem, anytime, anywhere as well as recommend the best solution for you. We are Kenya’s preferred DStv Installation company for quality and dependability.

    DStv Installation Nairobi Kenya has the lowest comeback rate in the industry because we don’t take Short-Cuts! In addition, we employ only the best DStv installers to do installations in Nairobi Kenya. Whether it is a new DStv dish installation, a simple repair, or dish alignment to your current installation. We keep stock of all DStv installation accessories and machines so that our technicians are always fully equipped for your job.

    DStv Installation Nairobi Kenya Services.

    • Satellite Dish Installation in Nairobi Kenya.
    • DStv Repair Services in Nairobi Kenya
    • Satellite Dish Re-Alignment in Nairobi Kenya.
    • DStv Dish Re-Location Services in Nairobi Kenya.
    • TV Mounting Services in Nairobi Kenya.
    • DStv Extra-View Installation in Nairobi Kenya.
    • Free to air HD Installations in Nairobi Kenya.
    • DStv Communal Services in Nairobi Kenya.
    • Sound Bar & Surround Sound Services in Nairobi Kenya.
    • TV Point or Extra point Installations in Nairobi Kenya.
    • Our Professional Technicians can also assist you with extra services like connecting your:
      (PlayStation. Apple TV Box. Android TV Box. Xbox. Blu-ray Player. DVD Player. Smart TV Configuration. HDMI extensions. etc.)

    Above are all very important aspects of a DStv Installation and home entertainment solutions. It always depends on your package and requirements. Thus If you choose DStv Installation Nairobi Kenya we have trained installers who are able to install all the services listed above without any problems. Because they have all the expertise required to rectify the issue for you and our prices are relatively low.

    ✨DM•Text•Call For A Free Quote✨
    📧 adishnetservices@gmail.com
    Home Theater | TV Mounting | Handyman | Cameras | Assembly

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  • Attract customers who want to watch the game live, and provide unforgettable music video and audio experiences.


    Provides entertainment in public viewing areas such as;

    • Restaurants
    • Bars
    • Taverns
    • Hotel lobbies

    DStv Business Pubs and Clubs

    Bringing you the best sporting channels and up to date news.

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