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  • We offer the best CCTV installation services in Kenya. Our team is comprised of highly technical engineers who will analyze your security needs and offer the best CCTV solution in your home or business premise. We have years of experience in CCTV installation in Kenya. Let us secure you. CCTV installation is a very sensitive undertaking, dealing with the wrong CCTV company can put your property in more danger than it was in before you contacted the said CCTV company. When choosing a CCTV installation company in Kenya ensure that you choose one with a good reputation. Here at Adishnetservices Limited, we not only have CCTV technical experts, we also have trained security intelligence experts who can analyze your current security situation and give you a proper report on the vulnerabilities. After reviewing the different vulnerabilities in your security, we will offer you actionable solutions, both CCTV related and otherwise.

    There are different kinds of Cameras that can be installed depending on the desired use and the location. CCTV cameras are generally divided into two major groups,

    1. Spy cameras
    2. General Cameras

    Spy Cameras

    Fix Kenya CCTV Camera installation in Kenya

    As the name suggests these are cameras that are installed to SPY on unsuspecting individuals. These cameras are designed to blend in with the environment and they capture a great deal of information. Most of the request that Adishnetservices Kenya has received for this kind of cameras have been in situations where there is mistrust between spouses. We are fully aware though that spy cameras may be utilized for various reasons. Adishnetservices Kenya shall analyze the situation, conduct a site survey then we will advise you on what the best camera for the job is.

    General Cameras

    There are two categories of general cameras: the Dome Cameras and the Bullet cameras. The dome cameras are mostly used for indoor surveillance and the bullet cameras are mostly used for outdoor surveillance.

    How to choose a Camera

    Fix Kenya CCTV Spy Cameras in Kenya

    There are different sizes of CCTV cameras. The field of view of each camera is determined by the size of its lens. Cameras with smaller lenses have a very good field of view which enables them to see objects as close as 10 cm away from the camera and as far as 10 meters from the camera at an incremental angle starting from about 120 degrees. The bigger lenses would typically start viewing objects that are placed about 10metres away from the camera and can view as far as 100 meters from the camera at an incremental angle starting from about 45 degrees.

    So when choosing a camera, please consider the location you want to mount the camera, the distance between the camera and the object to be viewed, the field of view you want to have and the lighting conditions of the area.

    Adishnetservices Kenya will hold your hand through this entire process. We will advise you on the Cameras to pick and where best to mount the cameras. Our team of expert CCTV professionals will work with you and help you to achieve your desired outcome.

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  • Has all necessary items required for 4 channel CCTV installation apart from the monitor (not included). All items are high quality!!

    Real-Time capture

    You will be amazed by the stunning image quality of Hikvision. It’s like comparing the difference between a VHS video tape and a Blu-Ray movie, allowing you to see details and colours like never before.
    If an incident occurs you can transfer video files to back-up media via the easily accessible USB port or save to your network.

    Easy Installation

    Installation and set up is easy, simply run the cable from the camera to the HD DVR and click the cables into place and you’re set. – It really is that easy.


    Getting Started Is A Breeze

    Setting up the DVR for remote viewing has never been easier or faster with Hikvision’s HD DVR software wizard guiding you through set-up and makes everyday use easier.

    Stay Alert At Any Time

    Technical Specifications:


    Video/Audio Input

    • Video Compression: H.264
    • Analog and HD-TVI video input: 4-ch,BNC interface (1.0Vp-p, 75 Ω)
    • Supported camera types: 720P25, 720P30, 720P50, 720P60, 1080P25, 1080P30, CVBS
    • IP Video Input: 1-ch 1080P
    • Video Input Interface: BNC (1.0 Vp-p, 75Ω)
    • Audio Compression: G.711u
    • Two-way Audio: 1-ch RCA(2.0Vp-p, 1kΩ)

    Video/Audio Output



    • HDMI/VGA Output: 1920 × 1080 / 60 Hz,1280 × 1024 / 60 Hz, 1280 × 720 / 60 Hz, 1024 × 768 / 60 Hz
    • Recording resolution: Main stream: 1080P (non-real-time) / 720P / WD1/ VGA / 4CIF / CIF;Sub-stream: WD1(non-real-time) / 4CIF(non-real-time) / CIF / QCIF / QVGA
    • Frame Rate: Main stream: 1/16 fps ~ Real time frame rate
    • Sub-stream: 1/16 fps ~ Real time frame rate
    • Video Bit Rate: 32 Kbps-6 Mbps
    • Audio Output: 1-ch RCA(2.0 Vp-p, 1kΩ)
    • Audio Bit Rate: 64kbps
    • Dual Stream: Support
    • Playback Resolution: 1080P / 720P / VGA / WD1 / 4CIF / CIF / QVGA / QCIF
    • Synchronous Playback: 4-ch


    Network management


    • Remote connections: 128
    • Network protocols: TCP/IP, PPPoE, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, SADP, SMTP, SNMP, NFS, iSCSI, UPnP™, HTTPS


    Hard Disk Driver


    • Interface Type: 1 SATA Interface
    • Capacity: Up to 4TB


    External Interface


    • Network Interface: 1; 10M / 100M self-adaptive Ethernet interface
    • USB Interface: 2 USB 2.0 Interfaces
    • Serial Interface: 1; standard RS-485 serial interface, half-duplex




    • Power Supply: 12V DC
    • Consumption: ≤ 15W
    • Working Temperature: -10 ºC ~+55 ºC (14 ºF ~ 131 ºF)
    • Working Humidity: 10% ~ 90%
    • Chassis: 1U chassis

    More information on this package ? Contact 0720548999

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  • Get Hikvision CCTV Cameras i.e. HD & Turbo HD dome & bullet camera, network/IP Cameras, PTZ Cameras as well as DVRs and NVRs at competitive prices from Adishnetservices Nairobi Kenya. We are Hikvision Kenya dealers in partnership with the leading Hikvision distributors in Kenya.
    HD Cameras
    Hikvision HD 720P Small Bullet/Dome  KES             2,500.00
    Hikvision HD 720P IT3  KES             5,500.00
    Hikvision HD 720P Varifocal  KES             6,500.00
    Hikvision HD 1080P Small  KES             4,500.00
    Hikvision HD 720P Varifocal  KES             9,500.00
    Network Cameras                            –
    1.3mp Bullet/Dome  KES             7,500.00
    2.0 Mp Bullet/Dome  KES           10,500.00
    3mp Bullet/Dome  KES           13,500.00
    4mp Bullet Small  KES           14,500.00
    4mp Bullet/Dome Large  KES           16,625.00
    Mini PTZ HIKVISION  KES           45,750.00
    PTZ HikVIson  KES           70,750.00
    DVR-Video Recorders for HD Cameras,                             –
    4 Channels-Can Connect 4 Cameras White  KES             6,850.00
    8 Channels-Can Connect 8 Cameras White  KES             10,100.00
    16 Channels Can Connect 16 Cameras White  KES           16,600.00
    4 Channels-Can Connect 4 Cameras Black  KES             7,500.00
    8 Channels-Can Connect 8 Cameras Black  KES           11,400.00
    16 Channels Can Connect 16 Cameras Black  KES           19,850.00
    4 Channels-Can Connect 4 Cameras 1080P  KES             10,100.00
    8 Channels-Can Connect 8 Cameras 1080P  KES           15,300.00
    16 Channels Can Connect 16 Cameras 1080P  KES           27,400.00
    32 Channel  KES           69,000.00
    NVR-Video Recorders for IP (Network Cameras),                           –
    4 Channels,  KES           17,600.00
    8 Channels,  KES           25,400.00
    16 Channels,  KES           30,600.00
    32  Channels  KES           68,000.00
    Hardisk-Internal Storage,                             –
    500 GB,  KES             5,800.00
    1 TB,  KES             7,000.00
    2 TB,  KES             10,000.00

    Our Hikvision products are imported and of high quality, they also come with a one year’s warranty period. We have Professional and Highly Qualified Technical Team. Our prices fit any buyer whether the end user or those who do resale.

    Where to Buy HIKVision Products in Kenya

    Adishnetservices Kenya is a trusted Hikvision CCTV Cameras shop in Nairobi, Kenya with express delivery countrywide and a proven track record on variety, best prices, speedy delivery and excellent service.

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    Hikvision CCTV Nairobi | CCTV Solutions in Nairobi, Kenya

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