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Hisense 100L5F 100 inch 4K UHD Smart Laser TV

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Screen size: 100 inches
Resolution: 3840x2160P
Laser Engine
X-Fusion Laser Light
4K Ultra HD
Dolby Atmos
Low Blue Light Certified

This screen has a design that encompasses: a rigid 100-inch screen that fits to your wall and an ultra short throw projector sitting inches from the screen. The design also incorporates a powerful speaker system to the rear edge.

Hisense 100L5F ships in two parts which is the projector and the screen. It comes out as a slight imposition on your room rather than what a straight 100-inch TV would be. Its screen is slimmer as when compared to that of most LCD TVs.

On the other hand, the projector can sit within an almost touching distance to your wall. This set up eliminates the usual projection issue which involves the projector sitting only in the middle of the room or near seating position.

The projector that comes with the TV is fairly large as other ultra-short throw TV models. It allows sufficient room for light to bounce around inside the unit before emerging on the top edge. Through a silver and grey two-tone design and rear mounted felt covered speaker section, the projector is able to wear its size well.

This TV carries a sensor which can be used for turn the laser off once it detects a lean over the image aperture so as to prevent people from getting blinded.

The available Ultra short throw laser TV projects a colorful and bright 4K image onto an ambient light rejecting screen. The screen is designed for watching in any room in the house. On the other hand, pictures will be bright and detailed through various lighting. This will therefore allow you to enjoy ultimate big TV viewing experience over several room conditions.


Hisense 100L5F will be able to have smooth motion rate thanks to the MEMC technology. It has a micro-second level processor response time and a motion rate that is 10 times faster than what OLED can deliver. Similarly, to Hisense B7200UW, this TV will be able to have fats moving images that are smooth and clear. You will definitely enjoy gaming, watching sports and fast action movies through this screen.

The 4K Ultra HD screen is able to feature more than 8 million pixels in order to create a whole new view through an extra large ALF screen. The images perceived on this Screen will be sharper, brighter and revealed in their true colors. You simply view content as how the director intends them to be.

The High Dynamic Range will open up a new and wide range of colors as well as contrast. With that, you will be able to enjoy a stunningly vibrant picture that not only has incredible depth but also has rich details.

In addition to HDR, your display will be further enhanced through Pure color. This feature allows you to enjoy the enhanced spectrum of color that is able to show images true to life picture. It comes with the precision of its laser light source and exceeds the Rec.709 standard UHD 4K color range.

Sound and Audio will be well taken care of with DBX-TV audio. It is able to function well by creating the best sound possible from the TVs built in high performance speakers. In addition to this, its Technology includes a wide range of audio technologies that work well to deliver optimal audio quality.

If you still want more elevated sound, you can get the Hisense HS219 Soundbar for sufficient audio performance.

Hisense 100L5F utilizes a blue laser light source to help it to deliver razor sharp precise images with stunning details. It also helps to avoid unwanted light dispersion and will give out a more natural viewing experience.

In addition to this, there will be no eyestrain with this model. This is because the image seen on Laser TV is reflected rather than being perceived directly to the eye. You will therefore feel less eyestrain even in long watch times.

Hisense 100L5F is the first Hisense Laser TV that is compatible with HDR10 and HLG content. It combines smart capabilities of flat panel TV with a long life LED light engine and 4K resolution so as to be a great TV. This Ultra Short Throw Laser can reach up to 11.3 inches and brings over 8 million pixels.

It has a 100? Optimized big screen and High Dynamic Range for enhancing colors and contrast levels. The Pure color feature enhances the overall color spectrum whereas Smooth motion uses the MEMC technology to have a motion rate that is 10 times faster than OLED screen.

The DBX-TV audio will give a rich and detailed sound. Hisense 100L5F is a Smart TV and runs VIDAA OS. On the other hand, its projector has a long lifespan of 25,000hours and provides no eyestrain


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