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Samsung QA65LS03AAU 65 inch The Frame Art Mode 4K QLED Smart TV

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Display: 65 inches
Resolution: 3480×2160
OS: Tizen
Series: L5
Picture Engine: Quantum Processor 4K
HDR: Quantum HDR
Dolby Digital Plus: Yes
Speaker Type: 4CH
Sound output: 40W
HDMI inputs: 4
Ethernet LAN: Yes
USB ports: 2

Samsung QA65LS03AAU 65 inch The Frame Art Mode 4K QLED Smart TV
Samsung QA65LS03AAU 65 inch The Frame Art Mode 4K Smart TV price in Kenya is 215,000 Shillings. This TV features a screen display of 65 inches and 3840x2160P resolution. The Frame’s minimalist-inspired design blends flawlessly with your interior. It’s slimmer, more toned and a monochrome finish on the back creates a sophisticated look from every angle. Connect the One Invisible Connection cable and discover what makes The Frame a modern masterpiece on or off.

The Frame automatically turns on to display your artwork when it senses you’ve entered the room. Leave the room, and it turns itself off to save energy. Turn the Frame off and watch it turn an amazing TV into a private art gallery with the press of a button. Art Mode gives you the ability to showcase your personal art collection with an incredible array of curated creations?customized and controlled the way you like.

The Frame uses machine learning to create a library of various visual data algorithms which it uses to restore the smallest of details, remove image noise and sharpen object edges and text. The result is a highly refined, 4K-level realism and detail in everything you watch. Quantum Processor’s AI technology optimizes sound based on real-time audio scenic intelligence and automatically adjusts the sound mode to 1 of 4 sound modes including Dialogue, Music, Sport, and Action.

The Frame’s Dual LED backlight expresses more sophisticated color tone combinations in your visuals, bringing every scene to life in full-color realism, enhanced contrast, and improved viewing angles. Want to continue your video call on a bigger screen? With SmartThings on your Android device or Apple AirPlay on iPhone, your smartphone can be mirrored on The Frame for a bigger, better video chatting experience.

SmartTV brings you a world of content that goes beyond the viewing experience with smarter ways to connect, search, control, and enjoy all that entertains you. The Frame automatically detects your external devices so they’re ready to use the moment you connect them. Use One Remote for easy control of all your connected devices and don’t worry about changing batteries solar cell technology allows it to be charged by your indoor lights. Buy Samsung QA65LS03AAU 65 inch The Frame Art Mode 4K QLED Smart TV online at best price in Kenya at Adishnetservices

Samsung QA65LS03AAU 65 inch price and specs in Kenya
Price in Kenya Ksh. 215,000
Screen display 65 inches
HDMI inputs 4
USB ports 2
OS Tizen
Series L5
Product QLED
Picture Engine Quantum Processor 4K
HDR Quantum HDR
Dolby Digital Plus Yes
Sound Output 40W
Speaker type 4CH
Bluetooth Yes
Ethernet LAN Yes
Power supply AC100-240V 50/60Hz
This 4K smart TV comes with adjustable sands that hold the TV on a piece of furniture and still leave space enough for a soundbar. You can also enjoy the studio stand mode seen in the LG UP7750 65 inches. With this stand, you can move the TV away from the wall and enjoy it from whichever location. Forget about organizing the wires connecting the TV to power as they are well hidden in the legs. The TV comes with a frame which is can be put off and leave the TV frameless. The frame comes along with lots of functionalities mentioned below.

As the title suggest this is an art TV that offers you the opportunity to have a personalized art collection. It comes with a growing library of arts that you can always set on the display with even the frame turned off. While hanging on your wall the slim TV appears as a piece of live art. The huge library gives you options to select from and get the most compatible art. Therefore, your living space can easily match the TV art. Further, you can have your art, personalize the frame in your phone then send it to this TV and have it on display.

This smart TV comes with a Quantum processor 4K AI which is more advanced than the Quantum processor 4K Lite in Samsung QA65Q60UUA 65 inch, therefore clear display and sound. 4K utilizes the advanced AI learning analysis that analyses signals, sources, and all content and delivers the best 4K super optimized experience. With the Anti-reflection feature, you can enjoy your TV at any time of the day. The 4K processor gives you full clarity of your shows or movies, the theatre room just got closer to you as from any corner of your room you can enjoy a great view. The frame also analyses the room brightness and automatically adjusts accordingly to bring clarity.

Enjoy HDR10+ Dynamic tone mapping shifts the color and contrast as you keep watching giving you clarity and full color without a hitch. Additionally, the TV comes with 3840 x 2160-pixel resolution. Further, enjoy fine color volume with 100% Quantum Dot giving you true color at any brightness always. Quantum HDR 24X allows you to watch the TV with vivid colors and deep contrast making things crispier.

The frame of the Samsung QA65LS03AAU 65 inch also has a built-in mic with a space fit. This SpaceFit sound analyzes both room acoustics and the installation environment. It then applies the best audio settings. Having the Quantum Processor?s AI technology that optimizes sound mode based on real-time audio scenes. It intelligently and automatically adjusts the sound mode to 1 of 4 sound modes including Dialogue, Music, sport, and Action.

Working from home got much easier with the frame in this smart 4K TV. It recognizes your PC and allows you to see it right on your TV. all you can do is connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard then work on your big screen wirelessly. Enjoy double-toned backlight with additional warm tones LEDs thus expressing deep color tone. This brings realism to you even in movies and gaming. To save you on time spent having to watch videos as the frame also allows multi-view.The Tizen OS fuels this TV?s functionality. For the processor is the Quad 4K processor offering 4 processors thus swift performance.

smart things and AIRPLAY
Mirror your video call to a bigger screen via the smart things on your Android device. For the Apple devices user, there is an airplay feature. This allows quick link IOS devices as well as enjoy apps and sources of entertainment such as Apple TV. Having the SmartThings app on your phone is yet another advantage for you since you can control your TV from your phone as well as smart devices at home.

This TV connects easily to Bluetooth of Version V5.0. For wireless internet Wi-Fi 802.11ac, connectivity is supported. Also is a LAN port on the rear for wired connectivity. Other ports on the backside include optical Digital Audio Out, 2RF, and Headphone out. On the side of this TV are the C1 slot and A-CAS.

This TV can be voice commanded thus making it easy to. To save on expenditure is the ability of the remote in Samsung QA65LS03AAU 65 inches to recharge with internal lighting of the house. This remote comes along with the TV. further smart things app gives you the privilege to operate your TV from your phone.

Why get the Samsung QA65LS03AAU 65 TV
Get a TV as well as wall art in one device.

Additionally, the TV set is flexible in terms of placement as you enjoy the view.

The frame of this TV detects environment brightness and adjusts accordingly thus making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage.


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