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WEYON 32 Inch Android Smart LED TV – Black

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Panel size: 32
Excellent Picture Quality ?1366*768)
Excellent Sound Quality (Built in 2 pcs 8W Speaker)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
With Base Stand Dimension :731*190*474mm
Without Base Stand Dimension:731*76*433mm
Net Weight ?With The Base? ?5KG
USB: 2
Warranty duration: 1 year
Life Time >30000
Power Consumption-TV ON ?50W
Power Consumption-Standby ?1W
1 x 32LK500BPTA INCHES Smart TV
1 x Operation Manual
1 x Base Stand
1 x Remote Control

WEYON 32 Inch Smart LED TV +1 Years Warranty – Black 32LK500BPTA

This is the Newest wide range of LED from WEYON electronic. WEYON electronic launched this new technology as a means of opening a new era for smartphone and the Internet products which means the company brings together the smart technologies into smart TV so as to offer a new seamless way to enjoy media.

synchronously every day.5000+ TV applications, explore infinite entertainment options.image

It has very clear natural realistic pictures, you will fall in love with 32 Inch 80cm HD LED TV 32 will redefine the way you enjoy entertainment, the slim LED TV will be a perfect addition to electronics collection. This WEYON TV will allow you to see images in a sharp and crystal clear form. With a high resolution, you will be able to see colors in their true form. This will make you have an enjoyable TV experience. Entertainment gets better when you have a very good television.

Smooth running speed

The WEYON TV series also offers 60Hz frame rate .This allow viewers to enjoy a smoother motion and more detail in movement without blur.If you are a lover of sport and movies that involves a lot of fast-moving pictures, then this LED TV is the right choice. In addition,it has an in-built with technology that will eliminate blur from fast-moving pictures. This will ensure you have complete all-around entertainment. image

picture quality

Smart distributes the LED lights on the back of the panel, so that the backlight can be evenly transmitted to the entire screen, the brightness and color gamut are guaranteed, the backlight rendering image is more accurate, and the picture details are more delicate and realistic. D-LED technology allows you to go beyond the screen into a fully immersive world.When you watch a movie with your family, it can give you an immersive experience.image

Accurate color reproduction

WEYON TV screen support a great HDR quality which offer a richer colors .Thanks to the HDR support this TV will provides a much brighter image with a higher level of contrast between light and dark areas on the screen.The 1366*768 high-definition resolution makes the image lifelike and restores natural and true colors, so you can enjoy a colorful viewing experience.You can see the beauty of the world through the TV,so that you can enjoy the beauty of the world without leaving home.image

Excellent Sound Quality

Built in 2 pcs 8W Speaker, you can enjoy the premium feel of premium acoustics, and the Smart Volume, it will automatically adjusts program volume, eliminating the sudden sound fluctuations that typically occur when switching channels or when TV commercials are playing.


Abundant connection ports

This Smart TV has 2 HDMI ports to accommodate a blu-ray player or HD game console, 2 USB port for connecting your USB flash drive / hard drive to listen to music or view pictures, 1 earphone out and 1 coax out.

Warranty Period is 1 Years .

About Company Brand:WEYON is working towards world-class manufacturing standard, knowing humbly that we will take concerted effort to achieve it. But with our employee’s relentless spirit and fiery passion that has seen us through in many of our past challenges, we believe that our Vision will be fulfilled very soon.

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