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BeIN HD Digital Satellite Receiver

KSh 115,000.00

beIN Sports is a global network of sports channels owned and operated by beIN Media Group, a spin-off of Al Jazeera Media Network.

beIN 4K Media Server

(Advanced Satellite Receiver – 4K Ultra high definition)

  • Smart Receiver
  • Wi-Fi + Ethernet Port
  • HDD + HDD Playback + MPEG
  • PVR Recording
  • Auto DiSEqC Support
  • Automatic Software Upgrade
  • Surround Sound
  • Smart Card

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beIN 4K Media Server
Advanced Satellite Receiver - 4K Ultra high definition

About beIN 4K Media Server

beIN 4K Media Server provides an amazing experience for entertainment and sports fans allowing them to reach the sharpest picture quality and get closer to the action with the best technology in the region provided only by beIN. To enrich the viewer’s TV adventure, beIN has launched the first 24-hours 4K channel in the region- beIN 4K – that broadcasts the biggest and exclusive sports matches and events, like UEFA Champions league, English Premier League and LaLiga, in breathtaking 4K quality.
beIN is the first pay-TV platform in the region to introduce the 4K technology that is quickly taking over the mainstream video ecosystem. The new beIN 4K Media Server offers complete PVR functionality and is able to broadcast TV signal at 3,840 pixels (horizontally) x 2,160 lines (vertically). This resolution is four times better than conventional HD resolution, offering beIN audience an unprecedented TV experience.
For the finest 4K experience, get your beIN 4K receiver and upgrade your TV to 4K TV.


beIN 4K Media Server

  • Smart Receiver
  • Wi-Fi + Ethernet Port
  • HDD + HDD Playback + MPEG
  • PVR Recording
  • Auto DiSEqC Support
  • Automatic Software Upgrade
  • Surround Sound
  • Smart Card


beIN 4K Media Server will be able to broadcast TV signal at 3,840 pixels (horizontally) x 2,160 lines (vertically). This resolution is four times better than conventional HD resolution. The result of this increased pixel breakdown is image clarity that is much more vibrant and varied.

Color representation with 4K is closer to real life and more realistic. With a higher frame rates it enables the viewers to enjoy the best TV experience.

The new beIN 4K

beIN Sports is the first Pay-Tv subscription around the area to introduce the beIN 4K high quality technology which is quickly taking the mainstream live video ecosystem.

The new beIN 4K Media Server Receiver has complete recording functionality and it’s able to shows TV high signal at 3,840 pixels (horizontally) x 2,160 lines (vertically).

beIN 4K high-quality

This high-quality resolution is 4* times better than conventional which is in HD resolution, offering beIN Sports audience an unprecedented and never seen TV experience around the world.

For the finest 4K experience, get your beIN Sports 4K receiver and upgrade your broadcasted TV to 4K TV and you will get the best and highest quality and technology in the world only with the beIN Sports.

What is beIN 4k media server receiver?

beIN 4K receiver or Ultra-receiver will be able to gives TV signal at 3,840 pixels (horizontally) x 2,160 pixels (vertical).

This quality has four times better resolution than conventional HD quality and this increased quality and pixel breakdown the image clarity which is more great vibrant and varied.

4K color which you will see is closer to real life and more actual. With this much higher frame rates it’s enables the consumers to enjoy the best technology and their TV experience.


How can beIN customers get the beIN 4k Ultra receiver?

If you are looking to get highest quality as 4K resolution you have to have this technology and beIN has a device which will gives 4K resolution to consumers. The device name is beIN 4K Media Server.

With this device you will be able to get the best quality as possible. is you don’t have this technology you can get it from us by applying beIN 4K Receiver


BeIN 4K receiver

beIN Sports has the latest technology to cover Sports channels for Exclusive content which has millions of Sports interested people.

beIN Sports released this great technology to bring fun to his consumer’s house and make them to enjoy at their home with friends and family.

This newest device called beIN Sports 4k Media Server Receiver which will give you the highest quality as possible ever and bring you in live matches with this great possibility of quality.

This amazing device will give much more option to make sure you are enjoying with the beIN Sports Here are some example of option which this device will give you with the latest technology you saw ever around the world.


You will get 1TB built-in Hard Drive

With this device you will be able to record up to 1000 GB and hard disk is inside device you not needed to add any external hard but if you want to record more than 1000 GB you must use external hard and enjoy this option of beIN 4K Receiver.

other option which is never seen ever is you can record 3 channels at the time and watch 4th one all together and same time. With this option you will never lose any content you need to watch you will be able to enjoy all time.

Picture in picture is the option I’m sure you never seen or you thought about this option, with this option in beIN 4K Media Server you are able to watch multi channels in one screen. It’s mean you can watch 2 matches together and have fun moment with both matches.




Take your pick of exclusive access to the world’s best and biggest championships, blockbuster movies, regional and global entertainment.


94 channels, dedicated packages and online streaming of all the biggest games, championships and entertainment.


Follow every play with a panel of the world’s most passionate, dedicated and established pundits and presenters.


1080P Full HD channels with Dolby Audio presenting your sport and entertainment in vivid quality and in rich, clear and powerful sound.


Your favorite sport and entertainment in your preferred language : English, Arabic or French.


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