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Brick Effect Wallpaper Kenya

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Not everyone is lucky enough to have stylish exposed brick walls, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the same interior style with the right authentic brick and stone wallpaper. At Adishnetservices a World of Wallpaper, we regularly update our stock of stylish brick and stone wallpaper designs, bringing you options from a wide range of designers, bringing that industrial and contemporary design look to your home.

The varied textures and styles of our brick wallpaper options ensure you can get the exact look you’re hoping for. With the right stone wallpaper, you can bring an industrial twist to any space in your home, although these wallpaper designs can also create a country and rustic look when teamed with the right décor. The beauty of brick wallpaper is its versatility and many of our customers use them for single feature walls, as well as papering whole rooms in a stylish stone effect wallpaper.

World of Wallpaper stocks an extensive range of different brick effect wallpaper. The range spans many different colours and style of stone with red brick wallpaper lending itself to many styles of interior and remaining popular with many customers. There are even slate wallpaper options to add a different look to your space. White brick wallpaper is also very popular as you get the stylish, rustic feel of brick with a light and airy finish which makes your space feel bigger and more inviting.

Brick and Stone Wallpaper at Adishnetservices a World of Wallpaper

Stone wallpaper has remained a popular interior design trend for many years and easy to see why. You can benefit from the style of exposed brick without the insulation and related issues. The brick effect designs have become so varied that you can find a design to suit any style of home. Distressed effect brick wallpaper lends itself to vintage-inspired decors whereas glossy, contemporary designs can bring a new lease of life to more modern interiors. Brick and stone wallpaper is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, though it’s increasingly used in other rooms in the home.

Take your time to explore the extensive World of Wallpaper range and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect brick effect wallpaper for your home.

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What is A Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is basically a wall covering that is pasted over the interior walls of a house/room to give a facelift or to enhance the look of
They come in many different Designs, patterns, textures and colors.

Simple and Easy to use;

Wallpapers have proved to be the easiest way to use when designing an interior space.
One can use wallpapers to make a statement when it comes to designing the interior space of a home or office

Wallpapers lasts longer without losing luster. They can stay up for over 15years if properly installed.

Easy Installation
Wallpapers take a shorter time to apply and have no repulsive odor.

Wallpapers can be done in peace at the client’s budget

6 Reasons to why you will want to use wallpapers to decorate your interior walls
1. Wallpapers lasts for atleast 15 years so its cost effective in the long-run.
2. It adheres easily and smoothly to your walls and hides the walls imperfections.
3. It adds warmth, depth and style to your rooms that monotone paint simply can’t achieve.
4. Beautiful designs, intriguing textures and beautiful prints of wallpapers have an impactful effect on the décor of your rooms.
5. Wallpapers create a designer look in any of your space. Also, you can apply it to just one wall as a feature wall.
6. They come in a dazzling array of designs with an incredible selection of beautiful effects. Pearls, gritters etc.


How to Incorporate Wallpapers and paint together in a Room
Wallpapers when used together with paint on your walls awill act as a sophisticated design in your interior space.
They not only make your walls to stand out, but also add value and some class to your rooms. You will have aesthetic yet exclusive surface with your furnishes. We also paint and sell elegant canvas wall art that can easily blend with your wallpaper.

Wallpapers are Enviromentally friendly
Basically, wallpaper will offer you a variety of options to choose from. You will not only consider color bases, but also on texture, design washability, durability.

Feature Wall
A feature wall is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to make a statement, using wallpaper like art. Featuring wallpaper on a single
character, charm and individuality — like an original painting would.

A Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpaper can add warmth, depth and comfort to any room. They can also add a feeling of lushness and luxury to a more tradition

What you will consider when choosing a wallpaper
Things to look for when narrowing down to what kind of wallpaper may work well for your interior space are colors, patterns, textures and the research will allow you to see all the beautiful options available to you and get excited about adding it.
Choosing solid-colored, patterned wallpapers can add a lush feel to your room design. Using a solid-colored wallpaper with a sheen can add
depth, as the light reflects off the paper to create a brighter and more textured space.

Why wallpapers are ideal for Your interior decoration
Wallpapers are highly effective way of personalizing designs because they offer so many different options. Whether you’re looking for color patterned or abstract, textured or flat, geometric or floral — wallpaper offers a million ways to add your own individual impact to any space.

Wallpaper Can Be Featured, Like Art
In the past, wallpaper was most often used as a backdrop in any room, being slapped on every wall to make an impact. These days, there are beautifully crafted wallpapers to choose from and many more ways to add a custom touch.

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