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ONKRON Cable Management Clips & Fastening Tape Pack of 8 Clips 1 Tape Self Adhesive Cord Holders

  • Come with 8 different size white cable clip holders, more size for all family member; plus one fastening tape for cable organization
  • Neat cable holders will help you with those cluttered cables and cords around your desk, TV, power strip, filing cabinets, computer or cell phone; all cables will look much nicer and safer
  • Multipurpose clips can also be used as a pen holder, as toothbrush or flosser holders – flexible and easy to install wherever you want
  • Stronger sticky pads stay where you put them, with no sliding or falling on any surface
  • Fastening tape is a good addition to your cable management


ONKRON CM1 white – is a cable management kit for your home, office or any other place. This pack has 8 cable clips of different sizes and 1 fastening tape. Have you ever lost your smartphone’s cable somewhere on the floor near your bed, or right under your desk? Yes, you have! We have a wonderful solution for you, for us and for everyone! Now you can keep all your cables, wires and power cords organized thanks to our cable management clips & fastening tape. All USB cables, headphones and other cables are always on their place, what makes your life easier and safer.

Сable management kit includes:
– Four single cable clips
– Two double cable clips
– Two quad cable clips
– One fastening tape

You can use these clips and the tape as you wish: to get rid of messy cables lying around everywhere or you can fix anything you want, like a pen on the table or a toothbrush in your bathroom. The scope of application is limited only by your imagination.

Make your life comfortable with ONKRON cable management kit!


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