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V Zenit antenna

UHF, 2nd Digital Dividend (LTE700)
The best balance between robustness and compactness
The VZenit antenna has a V-type structure: it consists in two vertically stacked Yagi in phase, which results in a compact antenna thanks to its excellent ratio between gain and length.
For UHF reception it includes a filtering feature with a high rejection for bands beyond channel 48, without losing flatness in the frequency response of the pass-band (channels 21-48). This makes it suitable for the 2nd Digital Dividend (LTE700)


Quick and secure reflector assembly system
Robust mechanics with outstanding performance in vibrating situations
Compact: excellent ratio between gain and length
Flatness of the frequency response in the UHF band

Built with aluminium (corrosion resistant ) for a long service life, and in ABS plastic for high weather resistance
The mast-mounting system utilizes Zamak to provide sturdiness and stability in adverse weather conditions
Designed and manufactured in Europe, our products undergo the most stringent quality controls
The connection box includes a balun for impedance matching


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