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Terrestrial Antennas

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  • DAT BOSS antenna

    UHF, 1st Digital Dividend (LTE790)
    If the DAT BOSS can’t receive it, nothing can
    Intelligent antenna including the BOSS Tech system, designed for quality reception of UHF (DTT), optimizing LTE band rejection up to channel 60 (790MHz).

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  • DAT BOSS LR antenna


    If the DAT BOSS can’t receive it, nothing can
    Long-range Intelligent antenna with the BOSS Tech system. Specially designed for quality reception of UHF (DTT) under extremely difficult reception conditions thanks to its design; optimizes LTE band rejection up to channel 48 (694MHz).

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  • Intelligent (with BOSSTech) Ellipse Series

    Ellipse Antenna

    UHF, 2nd Digital Dividend (LTE700)

    Ellipse is an intelligent antenna that adapts automatically and in real time to the conditions signals are received. It has been designed to offer a stable and quality reception of DTT (UHF) signals, optimizing the rejection of the LTE band (up to channel 48) thanks to a SAW filter that offers great selectivity.
    A new concept of DTT antenna that eliminates any interference even in the limits of the TV band, combining a break-through design in a 100% stainless mechanical frame that houses the new generation of Tforce electronics, featuring a revolutionary SAW filter.

    RED compliant.

    PSU included: intelligence is activated when the antenna is powered (according to reference).

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  • Intelligent (with BOSSTech) Q-BOSS 790


    Q-BOSS 790
    Channels 21-60
    Intelligence with LTE-filtering for UHF
    This device includes the BOSS Tech system, exclusive to Televes Intelligent antennas. Quick and easy integration in any installation thanks to its mast format; provides LTE filtering and BOSS intelligence to automatically adjust the TV signal to the optimum output level.

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