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Burial Plate 450XL Tower with Wind Ring G.C. 1x1m Televes

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Underground mount plate using flat bars,
no need for concrete. 1x1m. Used for embedding on it a pivoting base
from 450 XL range (ref. 313412).

EasyF 2D mini-dispenser

5 … 2400MHz 4.3 / 4dB

Mini 2-way splitter and EasyF connection system, for SMATV signals. Its
innovative ultra-small size allows it to be installed anywhere, including
small manholes. In addition, miniturization is also applied to the
electronics that it incorporates and that improves its electrical behavior
and reduces the effect of impulsive noise.

It is for indoor installation, but it is also suitable for outdoor use,
always inside a box (ref. 417801).

Stands out for
EasyF connection system: ease of installation and savings in assembly
Made of Zamak, great armor
High reliability: automated manufacturing with state-of-the-art
Main features
Improved step losses
Good electrical behavior: reduction of impulse noise
Includes grounding screw
DC pass from outputs to input
EasyF connection system: simplicity and savings

The EasyF is an innovative connection concept for the inner conductor of
the coaxial (live) cable, which is inserted directly into the device,
increasing the reliability of the connection. Furthermore, thanks to the
absence of “F” connectors, it is possible to reduce the chassis and
secure the connection of two cables with a single screw.

Real time savings: speeding up the installation is possible, as it is not
necessary to make the connectorization of the coaxial cables. In addition,
the process of threading the connectors on the device is avoided, which is
sometimes complicated when space is not enough.

Connection reliability: the cable tie that holds the cables prevents the
coaxial from loosening

Cost savings: no additional connector (neither “F” nor
“CEI”) is required

Space optimization: inputs and outputs are always located on the same side
of the device, avoiding bending of coaxial cables and facilitating work
inside cabinets and registers

Very simple assembly in three steps: it is only necessary to screw and
unscrew the covers to connect two cables:

1. Unscrew the cover of the device to access the connection

2. Insert the previously stripped coaxial cables

3. Close the cover and screw to secure the connection

Find out more about the reliability of the EasyF system
With EasyF, the connection of the coaxial cable in the device is carried
out by means of an automated system of insertion of the live (internal
conductor) by contact, without requiring soldering.

Like the first day: the life of the device increases by eliminating the
possible deterioration of the welds with the passage of time
Reduced failure rate: generally caused by cold welding
Optimization of electromagnetic behavior: at high frequencies
Reinforcement of our commitment to the environment: pollution caused by the
welding process is eliminated and electricity consumption in production is
Frequency range MHz 5-2400
5-862 950-2400
Number of outputs two
Step losses dB 4.3 4
Rejection between departures > 15
DC step (max.) mA 300 (Exit → In)
Application example

Exceeding the indicated value can cause irreversible failures.

Note: The passage of current is only possible from the outputs to the






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